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What should my tattoo be?

A little guide for those who do not yet know what kind of tattoo they want.

What should my tattoo be?

If you have a prepared pattern, picture, drawing you would like to get tattooed, send it to us. If you don’t, we’d gladly design it for you, for that we need to know the theme you’d like, the style of the tattoo, the direction we should take with the designing.

Whether you are contacting us with a picture/design or just an idea, do not forget to let us know:

  • where would you like the tattoo on your body
  • the dimensions (length, width in centimetres)
  • the appearance (colour or black&white)

If we know these informations, we can start designing.

The best solution for the discussion would be a personal meeting when we can discuss your ideas, the size of the tattoo and the style you’d like.
If you don’t have this possibility, we can of course discuss everything via Facebook or e-mail, do not hesitate to contact us.