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Tattoo aftercare

Here are some tips for treating your tattoo

The tattooing never ends in the tattoo studio. The tattoo gets its final form at the end of the healing process when the tattoo has fully healed. That is why it is important to pay much attention to the professional and hygienic treatment. After the tattooing we are treating, disinfecting, creaming and foiling the new tattoo here in the studio. We are providing detailed information about the treatment, after that it is your responsibility to follow the guidelines.

Steps of treating the tattoo:

3-4 hours after leaving the tattoo studio take off the plastic wrap. Then wash the tattooed surface with an antibacterial soap (except CLARASEPT, never use this soap!!!). Rinse it carefully with clean and lukewarm water, then carefully wipe it dry with clean paper tissues.

  1. Wait for about 10 minutes to dry then cover the tattoo with a thin layer (!) of after-tattoo cream (e.g. TattooMED, Bepanthen Plus)
  2. Then place fresh plastic wrap on it only for the night so that it does not get stuck to the bed-sheet or your clothes. Repeat these steps for 3 days.
  3. Repeat the cleaning process in the mornings and evenings. In case of minor tattoos 2 days with plastic wrap can be sufficient.
  4. After three days do not use plastic wrap, let the tattoo breath. From then on it is sufficient to wash it with antibacterial soap and water in the morning and evening, and cover it with a thin layer of post-treatment cream.
  5. The entire healing period is about 1 week with minor tattoos, and it is about 10-12 days in case of bigger tattoos. Should you have any problem or question in connection with the tattoo treatment, contact us. It is better to ask several times than to have a problem with your tattoo.