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Frequently asked questions regarding tattoos

We want to answer some common questions about tattoos.
Does tattooing hurt?

Tattooing is basically a skin damaging process but whether it hurts or not depends on the individual and how well he/she takes pain. In certain cases the pain threshold is lower, in other cases some people deal with pain better.
If requested we can use local anaesthetic cream that is mitigating the pain but don’t worry, nobody has died from getting tattoed so far.

What cream should I use for treating the tattoo?

The healing process requires after-tattoo cream.
There are creams developed explicitly for tattoo aftercare (e.g. TattooMED), their alternative that can be obtained in the pharmacies is called Bepanthen. Some products that should be avoided: Neogranormon cream, marigold flower, Aloe Vera and similar products.

I am not 18 yet. Can I obtain tattoos?

Yes. Between 16 and 18 years we are tattooing if there is a statement signed on site by the parent or the foster. The statement can be signed in advance but during the signing the parent / foster has to be present!
We are not tattooing those under 16 (there is no exception, even if the parents / fosters are permitting it)

How shall I treat my new tattoo?

The detailed description on treating the tattoo can be found in the tattoo aftercare submenu.
Of course you can contact us regarding any issue related to the aftercare, either in person, by phone or through e-mail/Facebook.

I would like a text tattoo, where can I find letter fonts?

On the website you can find thousands of fonts, in many different styles.
Please keep in mind that not every letter type can be used for tattooing because they don’t contain low-case letters, accent marks or they are too small. We’d gladly help you in selecting the most suitable letter type.